Best Online LSAT Prep Courses

best online lsat prep coursesChoosing a great online LSAT prep course is a very important decision that plays a huge role in scoring high on the LSAT and getting into the law school of your dreams.

You will be spending countless hours studying, so it’s crucial to find the LSAT study materials that best fit your learning style and background.

So here’s the good news – I have personally researched and reviewed every major LSAT course online to make things easier for you! The comparison chart below will help you decide which course best fits your needs.

Top 5 Best LSAT Review Courses Online + Discounts

LSATMax Review prep coursealpha score lsat reviewThe Princeton Review LSAT Prep Course 

Kaplan LSAT Review Course

Magoosh LSAT Study Materials






COMPANYLSATMaxAlpha Score LSATPrinceton Review LSATKaplan LSATMagoosh LSAT
PRICE$950 $902
$789 $710
$1,299 $999
VIDEO LECTURES80+ Hours50+ Hours150 Hours70 Hours50 Hours
BOOKSDigital & HardcopyDigital, Printable1,800 Pages2 Volume SetN/A
SMARTPHONE APPYesMarkNoMarkNoMarkNoMarkYesMark
PROGRESS TRACKINGYesMarkYesMarkYesMarkYesMarkYesMark
STUDENT SUPPORTMessage Boards, Email & Phone SupportEmail & Phone SupportEmail SupportIn-Class & Email SupportEmail Support
ONLINE ACCESS PERIODLifetime12 Months120 Days12 Months3-12 Months
Read Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full Review

Note: Comparison Chart above shows each company’s online LSAT course features.

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LSATMax Prep Course
(Rank: #1)

best online lsat prep courses

LSATMax online prep course


Mobile App with Online Access: The LSATMax app is free to download and it comes with a ton of free content. You can watch whiteboard video lessons, do daily drills, or complete Logic Games from anywhere. You’ll want to download content to your device in advance so you can watch lectures and complete practice questions when you don’t have internet access and so you don’t burn through your data.
Price: Compared to some of its competitors, LSATMax’s courses are pretty affordable; there’s a nice range of packages to fit any budget. The app is free, with limited content, and you can customize your course based on how much practice you need. Lifetime access courses range from $749.99 for the Pro course to $949.99 for the Premium edition, while the Pro monthly subscription is $199/month. There’s also 0% financing available for monthly payments.
Analytic Feedback: The LSATMax app calculates your overall performance in each section to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to customize your study plan and concentrate on problem areas. Practice questions can also be filtered by type so you can focus on those areas that need the most practice.
Higher Score Guarantee: LSATMax offers a refund if you do not improve your LSAT score after completing the LSATMax course. Given the limited amount of time you can take the LSAT within a two year period, this makes spending your money on LSATMax much easier.

Bottom Line: Tech-savvy students will find a lot to love when using LSATMax’s review course. In addition to excellent analytics, this educational resource has a mobile app packed with learning tools.


Alpha Score LSAT Prep Review
(Rank: #2)

alphascore lsat prep course review


Compact, Engaging Course: Alpha Score’s straightforward and engaging lectures make studying for the LSAT quick and even enjoyable. Videos, animations and explanations help you learn to think like the test makers, so you’ll know why certain answers are right or wrong. Alpha Score’s course provides the essential tools and strategies to solve even the most difficult problems one step at a time.
Personalized Help From Instructors: There are no live course options, but you can get one-on-one help if you crave a more interactive study experience than the HD video lectures. Seasoned LSAT instructors are available to help you navigate your weaker areas and provide customized homework and additional guidance if you need it.
Price: It’s always nice to find a very effective course at that is also a bargain. Alpha Score offers a range of study materials at an excellent price. At several hundred dollars less than the competition, it’s worth it to use AlphaScore to supplement another LSAT review course you’ve already purchased, although it’s a comprehensive course all by itself!
Video Playback Speed: You can speed up or slow down a video lecture to save time or to give yourself more time to absorb the information. Listen to the lecture at 1.5x or 2x the original speed, or slow it down to take notes. An online self-paced LSAT course should move at the speed you determine – and Alpha Score helps make it happen.

Bottom Line: Alpha Score designed their LSAT prep course to save students’ time without sacrificing the quality of their educational content. Video playback at various speeds and live instruction are just some of their great features.


The Princeton Review LSAT Prep
(Rank: #3)

The Princeton Review LSAT online prep course


Personalized Instruction: Students can choose from a number of course options that give them access to one-on-one time with instructors if they need additional help with concepts or difficult questions. The small-group course and access to instructors outside of regularly scheduled sessions make The Princeton Review a popular option with students.
Quality and Quantity of Study Material: There are many course options to choose from, but all of them give students access to a broad range of practice questions, online drills and study material, proctored practice exams, and recorded video lessons. The Princeton Review stands by the quality of its instruction by offering generous satisfaction and money back guarantees as well.
No Mobile App: Courses emphasize the in-person and live online options and are not geared to portability beyond regular access to the online materials from devices connected to the internet. Many students like the convenience and flexibility of studying for a few minutes whenever they get the chance on their smartphone or tablet; unfortunately, The Princeton Review has not yet developed an app for its LSAT courses.

Bottom Line: Only at The Princeton Review will you find an LSAT course that manages to provide both quality and quantity of educational material. The lack of a mobile app may be a disappointment to some.


Kaplan LSAT Review
(Rank: #4)

kaplan lsat prep course online


Personalized Study: Kaplan provides customized recommendations for each student when it comes to preparing for the LSAT. Students are able track their progress and identify areas that need improvement throughout the course so they can focus on those questions that will have the greatest impact on their score.
Higher Score Guarantee: If you have already taken the LSAT and do not improve your score you are eligible for a full refund from Kaplan. However, this guarantee only applies to their Advantage-Anywhere course option, not their On-Demand course.
No Free Demo: Kaplan does not offer any free LSAT study materials online or on a mobile app to allow students to explore the course before they purchase. However, they do offer the option to take a free 90-minute preview class and a free practice test on their website.

Bottom Line: Kaplan’s score increase guarantee is backed by their personalized study plans that are tailor-made for each enrolled student. Unfortunately, the lack of any demo or trial means you’ll have to take their word for it.


Magoosh LSAT Prep Course
(Rank: #5)

magoosh lsat prep online


Price: In terms of value, you’re not going to find a cheaper option that still delivers than the Magoosh LSAT prep. Even though it has a relatively low price, it still offers a plethora of helpful and unique features for test takers. You’re not skimping on review materials just because you’re paying a little less for this course.
Strategy: A great test-taking strategy is sometimes the last thing that students think of during preparation. Magoosh does the thinking for you in this regard, as its experts walk you through the best approaches for studying, provide helpful and constantly updated hints via the blog, and keep you focused on the main topic areas.
Simplicity: Sure, you’re not going to get all of the fancy features that some of the more pricey courses come replete with, but that may be a benefit for some test takers. The Magoosh online LSAT course is simple – it gives you the tools with which you need to succeed without overloading you with flashy dashboards or unnecessary graphics.

Bottom Line: This is far from the fanciest LSAT review course available for students. However, Magoosh manages to accomplish a great deal with their limited range, and they offer it at an unbeatable price too.


Manhattan Prep LSAT Review
(Rank: #6)

Manhattan Prep lsat online course


Free Trial: Manhattan offers a free trial before students commit to the program. You can test drive a free online class or choose the self-study option, LSAT Interact. Students can also take a live LSAT class at one of their many physical locations around the United States.
Tutoring: Manhattan offers tutoring options to supplement any course option. You can also add live review sessions with skilled tutors to the LSAT Interact course. Although you may not need tutoring initially, you always have the option of adding it later.
Limited Live Locations: Locations for their in-person courses are limited so if you prefer to learning in a Live classroom environment then your chances of finding a nearby class are slim. On the flip side, their live-online course is a good alternative for those who prefer live instruction, but live too far away from a learning facility.


TestMasters LSAT Prep
(Rank: #7)

TestMasters online lsat prep course


Diagnostic Scoring: TestMasters LSAT course comes with exam diagnostics that help students identify the areas that need the most improvement in order to achieve a high LSAT score. This self-guided online LSAT prep course helps students focus on the questions they miss and therefore should spend the most time studying.
Database for Flawed Reasoning: TestMasters teaches students how to recognize and avoid common reasoning pitfalls. The extensive database provides examples of the flawed reasoning past students have used on real LSAT questions so that you don’t make the same mistakes.
Limited Access: The course is only available to students for 100 days prior to the specific LSAT administration date students choose. Although this might help some students focus their efforts during the weeks immediately prior to the exam, many students prefer more time and flexibility to study.


PowerScore LSAT Test Prep
(Rank: #8)

PowerScore lsat prep course online


Question Sets: Practice question sets consist of actual LSAT questions that are geared to the different categories you’ll see on the exam. Some question sets are organized by level of difficulty, so students will know where they stand when it comes to solving the more challenging questions on the test.
Proven Materials: PowerScore is known for its popular LSAT study guide series, which includes the Logic Games Bible and the LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible. Although these books are not included with their online LSAT course, the same techniques are used to help students master the material.
Low Quality Video: Much of the audio and video content has low quality. Although it is possible to understand the video lectures, the quality is lacking, particularly when compared to competitors.


7Sage LSAT Prep
(Rank: #9)

7sage lsat prep course online


Price: 7Sage is one of the least expensive LSAT prep course options. For just $550 you can access their most comprehensive course, which includes 50 hours of online LSAT video lectures and more than 4,000 problems that are explained in HD video.
No Tutoring Options: There is no option for additional help from trained staff or instructors. They do offer an extensive video library that has examples of how to solve many different LSAT practice problems, however, students who have questions about content that is not covered in the videos or need one-on-one help will need to look elsewhere.


What’s the Best In-Person LSAT Prep Course?

BluePrint LSAT is our top rated in-classroom LSAT training course

blueprint lsat online prep course review

Free Course Tour: BluePrint offers a free tour of their online LSAT training materials. Students can explore various features before they purchase the course. Signing up for the free tour also gives you access to the June 2007 LSAT with video explanations to the questions and detailed scoring metrics for every LSAT that has been released.
Engaging Videos: What really stands out about this course is the animated and entertaining video instruction. The engaging and humorous delivery and animations help keep you focused while you are studying. The videos are short enough for students to process what is taught, and make it easier to retain the information for a longer period of time.
Video Sync Issues: In our tests, the audio was not precisely in sync with the video in several tutorials and lessons. This may have been due to broadband speed or issues with connectivity, so your mileage may vary. The Free Course Tour should give you an idea of how the course features will work for you.


What is the best LSAT review course?

Top 3 Best LSAT Prep Courses of 2018 – Comparison Guide

LSAT Review CoursesBest For:Price:
LSAT Max Study MaterialsBest Overall$950
Alpha Score LSAT PrepGreat Support$789
The Princeton ReviewQuality of Material$799
Kaplan LSAT CoursePersonalized Study$799
Magoosh LSAT Study GuideMost Affordable$99


Best Online LSAT Prep Courses
Written by: Crush The LSAT
5 / 5 stars

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And if you have any LSAT related questions, just drop a comment below and I’ll personally help you find the right course for you!


FREE LSAT Practice Tests

lsatmax course

These Free LSAT Practice Exams are brought to you by LSATMax!

LSATMax is a great course for those who want a modern approach to study for and score high on the LSAT. With great mobile applications and higher score guarantees, what’s not to love about this LSAT review course. Their analytic feedback and reporting features offer a new dimension for students who want to know exactly where they stand with their preparation and which topics they are weakest in.

LSAT Practice Test – Part 1


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LSAT Practice Exam – Part 3



LSAT Practice Exam – Part 4

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Best Free LSAT Practice Tests
Written by: Crush The LSAT
5 / 5 stars

LSATMax Review

LSATMax test prep


best lsat review course

The Crush the LSAT award for best LSAT review course of 2018 was awarded to LSATmax! This course has earned the #1 ranking for of all the following reasons:

  • Analytic feedback that calculates your overall performance to pinpoint areas that require more study time
  • Guarantee of a higher score or you get your money back
  • Mobile App with online access
  • Whiteboard Lessons for those that want a classroom learning environment
  • 4,200+ practice questions

The medallion signifies that LSATmax has gone above and beyond to create a course that will help you pass the LSAT with a score you are proud of! With all that LSATmax has to offer, it’s no wonder it earned the #1 spot.


LSATMax is a great course for those who want a modern approach to the often outdated LSAT. With great mobile applications and higher score guarantees, what’s not to love about this LSAT review course. Analytic feedback offers a new dimension for students who need to know exactly where they stand with regard to the test.

There’s a lot of value built into this course and it’s relatively affordable compared to whats on the market for LSAT review courses. The Whiteboard Lessons are a great tool for those who are used to classroom learning, and it’s a great piece to a larger puzzle that is the LSATMax prep tool.


1. Mobile App with Online Access

lsatmax ipad courseThe LSATMax app is free to download in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store, and it comes with a ton of free content. You can watch whiteboard video lessons, do daily drills, or complete Logic Games from the comfort of your dorm room, a coffee shop, or the even the beach. You’ll want to download content to your device in advance so you can watch lectures and complete practice questions when you don’t have internet access and so you don’t burn through your data.

You can also access all the course materials via LSATMax Online. There’s a free trial available but we recommend getting the LSATMax’s lifetime course. You’ll receive hardcopy binders of all the course materials like lessons, homework assignments, diagnostic exams, and additional Prep Tests. All lifetime courses also include LSATMax’s patented analog LSAT watch.

2. Price

Compared to some of its competitors, LSATMax’s courses are pretty affordable; there’s a nice range of packages to fit any budget. The app is free, with limited content, and you can customize your course based on how much practice you need. Lifetime access courses range from $749.99 for the Pro course to $949.99 for the Premium edition, while the Pro monthly subscription is $199/month.

LSATMax also offers zero percent financing, which allows you to get immediate access to any LSATMax lifetime course and split the purchase into budget friendly 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments. LSATMax also offers a LSAC Fee Waiver Scholarship for students who qualify.

3. Analytic Feedback

lsatmax courseThe app calculates your overall performance in each section to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. This allows students to customize their study plan and concentrate on problem areas. Practice questions can also be filtered by type so you can focus on those areas that need the most practice.

4. Higher Score Guarantee

Another great differentiator is the guarantee of a higher score. LSATMax offers a refund if you do not improve your LSAT score after completing the LSATMax course. Given the limited amount of time you can take the LSAT within a two year period, this makes spending your money on LSATMax much easier.

Ideal User

The flexibility of their course and affordable price make it ideal for students who want the content of a full prep course without having to attend on-site lectures and study sessions. Those who are diligent enough to work through the lessons, large number of homework questions, and previous LSAT’s and can pace themselves according to the customizable calendar will benefit most.

As the only course to offer instant and lifetime access, LSATMax is also great for students who are aiming for a score of 170 or higher. This way you can get started with the LSAT prep earlier and have access to the materials for as long as you need.


Summary of Course Features

  • Free app with limited content
  • Whiteboard video lessons covering every question type/concept that appears on the LSAT and video explanations for individual LSAT questions
  • 80 full-length actual LSATs from previous years (Prep Tests 1-80) – both in hardcopy and digital format in app
  • Recommended study calendar to keep you on track
  • Analytics built into app to track progress and identify sections that require further study
  • Daily drills and flashcards to instill key LSAT concepts
  • Instructor support by phone, email and in-app message boards
  • Dedicated in-app message board for each individual LSAT question
  • All content can be downloaded to device (limited to one phone and one tablet per person) as well as accessed online from any web browser
  • Access video lessons online or use Apple TV/Chromecast to watch them on your TV
  • Hardcopy materials with all lessons, homework assignments, diagnostic exams and Prep Tests
  • Countdown clock to day of the exam
  • LSAC-approved analog watch (digital watches are not permitted for the LSAT )
  • 12-week digital subscription to The Economist (Premium only)


LSATMax Premium (Lifetime Access)

Price: $949.99 or as low as $84/month

Includes: the Full Course, 80 Actual LSAT Prep Tests (Prep Tests 1-80), Hardcopy Materials, Lifetime Access and Support, Unlimited Message Board Access, Analog Watch, Analytics, 12-week Digital Subscription to The Economist, Higher Score Guarantee

LSATMax Pro (Lifetime Access)

Price: $749.99 or as low as $63/month

Includes: the Full Course, 16 Actual LSAT Prep Tests, Hardcopy Materials, Lifetime Access and Support, Unlimited Message Board Access, Analog Watch, Analytics, Higher Score Guarantee

LSATMax Pro Monthly Subscription

Price: $199/month

Includes: the Full Course, 16 Actual LSAT Prep Tests, Downloadable PDFs, Monthly Access and Support, Unlimited Message Board Access, Analytics


LSATMax Review Course Information

LSATMax Review
Course Features
1.Mobile App
3.Analytic Feedback
5.Customizable Calendar
6.Dedicated Message Board For Each Topic
LSATMax Review
Written by: Crush The LSAT
5 / 5 stars


Alpha Score LSAT Review



Alpha Score LSAT has been around since 2003 and has an excellent track record of helping students score high on the LSAT. Their straightforward HD video lectures teach students effective strategies for tackling notoriously tricky questions and logic games by using actual LSAT questions.

Their self-paced, easily accessible online course is taught by experienced LSAT instructors and definitely gives you the best bang for your buck as it is the most affordable comprehensive LSAT prep course on the market.


1. Engaging and Fun Course

Students report that Alpha Score makes studying for the LSAT both convenient and fun. The animations and careful explanations by a young and energetic instructor help students understand how the test makers think, so students know why certain answers are right or wrong. The videos cut straight to the chase and provide students with specific skills and strategies to solve even the most challenging problems.
instructor help

2. Personalized Help from Experienced Instructors

Alpha Score prides itself in providing students with one-on-one help in addition to the clear and comprehensive video lectures taught by experienced LSAT instructors. Students can ask for additional help and customized assignments to improve weak areas and receive personal guidance from tutors if they are looking for a more significant boost in their LSAT score.

3. Effective Test Taking Strategies

Alpha Score sets students up for success by breaking tricky questions down into basic parts and giving students step by step instructions to solve each question quickly and correctly. The videos help students learn at their own pace and gain confidence while they practice the different types of LSAT questions.
alpha score image

4. Ability to Speed Up or Slow Down Lectures

One great feature is the ability to listen to a video lecture in less time by speeding it up. You can listen to the lecture at 1.5x or 2x the original speed, or slow it down to half the pace if you are trying to take notes or digest the material more slowly.

5. Free Trial of Logic Games Course

If you provide your email and set up an account, you can try out the Logic Games Course (priced at $189) for free. You’ll get an overview of the course features and layout and a chance to watch several introductory video lessons on tackling LSAT logic games. You’ll also get a glimpse of the interactive discussion board. Sign up for your FREE TRIAL Here!

6. Price

Alpha Score’s prep course offers the best value for the money, as it costs several hundred dollars less than its competitors’ courses. Although it lacks the brand-recognition of some of the other test prep companies, this is a great choice for the budget-minded student. Be sure to use this 10% OFF Coupon Code. Click here to Show Coupon


1. Free Trial is Limited

Although the Free Trial will give students a good idea of how the course looks once they are logged in, most features are locked until the full course is purchased. It would be helpful if students could see what the practice questions, readings and sample solutions look like.

2. No Videos for Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension module of the course is a series of audio lectures accompanied by animated slides; there are no video lectures. The downloadable PDF file is also a bit grainy. In general, the Logic Games module has the highest definition videos and most polished look of the three sections, and the course would benefit from a more unified look across all three modules.

ideal userIdeal User

This is a straightforward online course aimed at students who want the convenience of studying on their own, at their own pace, and at a reasonable price. Although there is no live option, students can request personalized instruction from one of the company’s experienced tutors to receive additional help.

Alpha Score is a great fit for self-motivated learners who are looking for clear explanations and effective strategies to approach the trickier problems on the LSAT. With thousands of actual LSAT problems to practice on, students who put in the time and effort will become much more proficient and confident when it comes to taking the actual exam.

My Suggestion

Although Alpha Score doesn’t have the name recognition of some of the larger prep test powerhouses, it offers an impressive amount of clear and helpful instruction at at very reasonable price. Students who just want to brush up on one area have the option purchase only the videos and questions for that section, which also makes it a great add-on to other prep courses for additional practice and review.

The best value is their Complete LSAT Course ($389), however their Premium package gives students access to over 5,000 additional practice questions and 60+ official practice exams making it a great choice for students looking for a more comprehensive course. I would highly suggest to at least check out their free trial to see if this course is right for you!


Summary of Course Features

  • HD Video Lessons and Multimedia Tutorials
  • Official LSAT for Practice
  • More than 6,000 actual LSAT Practice Questions
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Experienced Instructors (5+ Years LSAT Teaching Experience)
  • Personal Instructor Assistance/Option for Tutoring
  • Access from Mobile Devices
  • Progress Tracking


Complete LSAT Course
Price: $389
Includes 50+ HD Video Lessons & Tutorials, 10 Official LSAT, 1000+ LSAT Practice Questions, 12-month subscription, Practice Quizzes and Assignments, In-depth Explanations, and Personal Instructor Assistance.

Premium LSAT Course
Price: $789
Includes 50+ HD Video Lessons & Tutorials, 61 Official LSAT, 6000+ LSAT Practice Questions, 12-month subscription, Practice Quizzes and Assignments, In-depth Explanations, and Personal Instructor Assistance.

LSAT Logic Games Only
Price: $189
Includes Complete Video Course on Analytical Reasoning (Games) Section, 98 Videos, 22 Quizzes, and 27 PDFs.

LSAT Reading Comprehension Only
Price: $99
Includes 15 Multimedia Tutorials and 1 Download.

LSAT Logical Reasoning Only
Price: $198
Includes 9 Videos and 14 Multimedia Tutorials.


Alpha Score LSAT Review Course Information

Alpha Score LSATCourse Strengths
1.10% Off Coupon Code
2.Engaging and Fun Course
3.Video Lecture Features
4.Free Trial
5.Instructor Support
Alpha Score LSAT Review
Written by: Crush The LSAT
5 / 5 stars


Kaplan LSAT Prep Review


Kaplan LSAT Prep is one of this company’s most popular courses and offers students a variety of prep options. Kaplan is a powerhouse when it comes to standardized test preparation, specializing in prep courses for more than 90 different exams.

In-person classes, live webcast lectures, and on-demand video with or without additional tutoring services give students the flexibility to select the program that best fits their needs. Every option comes with access to thousands of practice questions from Kaplan’s extensive QuizBank and other premium online materials.

Kaplan’s most recent addition to LSAT prep is the LSAT Channel, which includes hundreds of hours of additional elective workshops to help students master the course material.


1. Personalized Study Plans and Analytics

Kaplan LSAT prep offers an individual study plan with each course option. Even if you decide to use the self-paced course, you’ll get a personalized study guide to help you organize your time and track your progress. Your practice tests are analyzed by the trademarked Smart Reports software, so that specific assignments can be tailored to your needs.

2. Live Instructors and Classes

Most of Kaplan’s options include live classes and one-on-one support. Interacting with teachers in a live or live online setting gets you immediate help when you have a question. Live classes are limited to 30 students and are held at specific times. If you happen to miss a class, you can make it up and catch up on the material that was covered in person or online.

kaplan lsat channel3. Huge Content Library and LSAT Channel

Kaplan’s extensive library of LSAT content includes more than 70 hours of on-demand videos, 75 quizzes, and a quiz bank with more than 7,500 questions. Its newest innovation, the LSAT Channel, offers hundreds of hours of elective workshops on basic and advanced topics, taught live and online by Kaplan’s instructors. LSAT Channel gives students more information and practice on specific topics.

4. Support from Instructors

Kaplan students interact with instructors on a regular basis, regardless of whether or not they purchase a tutoring package. Although the most affordable (self-paced) course includes only email interaction, instructors will still respond to your questions within 24 hours. If you choose one of Kaplan’s live instructor driven courses, you’ll get several hours of one-on-one time each week.

kaplan higher score guarantee5. Higher Score Guarantee

Kaplan has a Higher Score Guarantee, which means if you aren’t satisfied with your test score, you have the option of taking the LSAT course again for free. Alternatively, if you have already taken the LSAT and your score does not improve after you take Kaplan’s course, you are eligible to get a full refund. (Note that this guarantee does not apply to their self-paced course, but only to the In Person and Live Online course options).


1. No Free Tour 

Kaplan does not offer a free tour of course materials, and students cannot explore the full course before they purchase it. However, free workshops and seminars, a sample class, and a free 4-hour practice test with an analysis are available. See the Free LSAT Resources tab on their website for more information.

2. Larger Class Size

Kaplan allows up to 30 students to register for one class, which is a higher student-teacher ratio than many of its competitors. However, most course packages include one-on-one instructor time, so students may find the larger class sizes to be acceptable.

3. Price

Although the self-paced option is reasonably priced at $799, it is also much more limited than the more expensive and comprehensive prep course options, which range from $1199 to more than $2599 if you choose to include tutoring.

Ideal User

Both traditional and online learners can benefit from Kaplan’s customizable LSAT prep options. The self-paced option will suit those self-motivated students who are looking for the flexibility of an online-program without classes to attend or homework assignments that are due on a particular day. The In Person and Live Online options are more structured and give students more one-on-one opportunities to interact with instructors and ask questions. Students who opt for the In Person version will also benefit from three in-class proctored exams to prepare them for the actual LSAT experience. Tutoring is available at an additional cost for those students who need extra help.

My Suggestion

Kaplan’s comprehensive LSAT prep course options are a solid choice for both traditional and online learners because students can customize their study plans according to their individual needs and budget. Students can attend classes or get the same individualized attention at home, depending on the course they choose. Although the in person and live online options are more expensive than prep courses offered by several competitors, plenty of perks, such as additional instruction via the LSAT Channel, performance analysis, and one-on-one time with instructors may make it worth the additional cost.


Summary of Course Features

  • In person or Live Online class sessions with experienced instructors
  • One-on-one time with instructors to ask questions and get help
  • On Demand online library
  • Hundreds of hours of live, interactive workshops through LSAT Channel
  • In-class practice LSATs, and access to more than 70 additional LSATs online with proctoring tools
  • Every released LSAT question (7,500+), includes QuizBank to create custom quizzes
  • Smart Reports customized feedback on practice exams and study suggestions
  • Additional tutoring as needed
  • Higher Score Guarantee


In Person
Price: starts at $1399
Includes traditional classroom instruction, 7 in-class sessions, 3 in-class proctored LSAT exams, access to all online study materials and course textbooks, LSAT Channel workshops, and Higher Score Guarantee.

In Person Plus
Price: starts at $1,799
Includes all features of In Person course plus three additional hours of one-on-one  instruction and coaching from instructors using online technology.

Live Online
Price: starts at $1199
Includes 7 4-hour live, interactive online instruction sessions run by instructors, 3 full-length proctored practice LSAT exams, access to all online study materials and course textbooks, LSAT Channel workshops, and Higher Score Guarantee.

Live Online Plus
Price: starts at $1599
Includes all features of Live Online course plus three additional hours of one-on-one  instruction and coaching from instructors delivered live online.

Self-Paced Course
Price: starts at $799
Includes 70 hours of recorded videos, 40 most popular LSAT Channel episodes, very released LSAT question and access to QuizBank, PrepTest library with detailed explanations, SmartReports software to analyze scores and track progress, mobile app, LSAT course textbooks, and access to instructors via email for questions.

Section-specific Self-Paced Courses
Price: $299 each
Choose from Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Includes more than 15 hours of recorded instructional videos for each section, guidebook, LSAT practice book with actual LSAT questions, and email support from instructors.

Tutoring, in person or live online
Price: $2,599 – $4799
depends on location and number of hours (price quoted for 15-35 hours)


Kaplan LSAT Prep Course Information

Kaplan LSATStrengths
1.$300 Off Promo Code
2.Live Instructors and Classes
3.Personalized Study Plans and Analytics
4.Huge Content Library
5.Higher Score Guarantee
Kaplan LSAT Prep
Written by: Crush The LSAT
4 / 5 stars


Princeton Review LSAT

The Princeton Review LSATRATING:

The Princeton Review offers a range of LSAT classes to prepare students for the exam. Students can choose from in-person, live online or self-paced courses, depending on their own needs and preferences.

Princeton Review specializes in getting students the personalized help they need. In-person and live online courses include access to instructors outside of class time for additional help, and those who want individual attention can choose a semi-private class.


princeton review tutoring

1. Small Group Course

The Princeton Review gives students the option of more personalized instruction without paying for a private tutor in its Semi-Private Small Group Class, which is limited to a maximum of 4 students. Instructors can dedicate more time to individuals’ questions and problems and move through the material at a swifter pace in a class of this size.

2. Access to Instructors

The Princeton Review recognizes that not all questions and problems can be answered during class sessions, especially in those classes with more students. As a result, instructors of in-person and online live course options are available to answer questions in person, by phone, or via email outside of class at no additional cost.
princeton review lsat

3. Comprehensive Study Materials

With access to as much as 84 hours of live online or in-person instruction, more than 150 hours of on-demand recorded lessons, online drills and study tools, and access to all released LSAT questions, students taking The Princeton Review’s courses won’t run out of practice material. Even the least expensive (and most flexible) self-paced online option includes a wealth of study materials and access to all 6 practice exams.

4. Multiple Guarantees Offered

The Princeton Review offers three guarantees to clients. 1) Readiness: If you do not feel ready to take the test for which you prepared at the end of a course, you can repeat it for free within one year of the start of your program. 2) Satisfaction: you can keep working with The Princeton Review at no additional cost no matter how much your test score improves until you are satisfied. 3) Money Back: You are eligible for a full refund if your test score does not improve and you meet certain requirements.

*Certain restrictions apply to all three guarantees so please see The Princeton Review website for more details.


1. No App

The Princeton Review’s LSAT courses include a number of useful features, but there is no mobile app. Courses emphasize the in-person and live online options and are not geared to portability beyond regular access to the online materials from any device that is connected to the internet.

2. Limited Free or Additional Resources

Unlike several competitors, The Princeton Review does not offer additional resources such as a student forum, daily practice emails, or information about how to navigate the law school application process. The more comprehensive course options cover the LSAT material well, but students shouldn’t expect to see many extras or freebies on their website.

Ideal User

The Princeton Review’s LSAT courses stand out for their commitment to providing individualized help and instruction and quality materials to their students. Students who prefer a small group experience to working with a private tutor can select the Semi-Private Small Group Class, which is limited to a maximum of 4 students.

Their in-person and live online courses guarantee additional access to instructors outside of class sessions, so that students can get all of their questions answered, even after scheduled instructional sessions are over. In addition, live online options are very interactive, allowing students to ask questions and interact with peers and instructors via webcam and chat functions.

Self-motivated students who are looking for maximum flexibility and access to a lot of on-demand material at a reasonable price will prefer the LSAT Self-Paced Study course over the live or in-person course options. Nothing beats the convenience of studying whenever you want, from wherever you want at your own pace.

My Suggestion

The Princeton Review caters to individualized needs through one-on-one help from instructors, small class sizes, and private tutoring options. The readiness, satisfaction, and money back guarantees demonstrate their commitment to helping their clients succeed on the LSAT.

Students will be hard-pressed to find the combination of a large amount of study material and personalized attention in other courses at this price point. Students owe it to themselves to take a free practice class to learn more about the LSAT courses offered by The Princeton Review before they select a prep course.


Summary of Course Features

  • Up to 84 hours of live online or in-person instruction
  • 150+ hours of on-demand recorded lessons, online drills and study tools
  • Access to all released LSAT questions
  • 6 full-length proctored LSATs
  • more than 1,800 pages of study materials
  • Small group classes available
  • Access to your instructor outside of class sessions
  • Private tutoring available
  • Money-back guarantee (certain courses)


The Princeton Review LSAT Self-Paced Study (Online)
Price: $799
Includes: 150+ hours of on-demand recorded lessons, online drills and study tools, 6 full-length, diagnostic practice tests, access to all released LSAT questions, more than 1,800 pages of study materials, and satisfaction guarantee.

The Princeton Review LSAT Fundamentals 30-hour Course (Online/In-Person)
Price: $899/$1,099
Includes: 30 hours of live instruction, 130 hours of online drills, lessons and explanations to practice skills learned in class, 4 full-length, proctored practice tests, access to your instructor outside of class for help with hard problems, to review homework and ask questions, and money back guarantee.

The Princeton Review LSAT Ultimate 84-hour Course (Live Online/In-Person)
Price: $1,249/$1,449
Includes: 84 hours of live instruction, 30 hours of online drills, lessons and explanations to practice skills learned in class, 6 full-length LSATs that are proctored, access to all released LSAT questions, access to your instructor outside of class for help with hard problems, to review homework and ask questions, additional online resources and 1,800+ pages of study materials for on-demand study, and money back guarantee.

The Princeton Review LSAT Fundamentals 30-hour Semi-Private Small Group Class
Price: $1,799
Includes: 30 hours of in-person instruction with a maximum of 4 students, 4 full-length practice tests that are proctored, 130 hours of online drills, lessons and explanations to practice skills learned in class, access to your instructor outside of class for help with hard problems, to review homework and ask questions, and money-back guarantee.

The Princeton Review LSAT Private Tutoring 
Price: $135-$325/hour
Includes: 24 hours of one-on-one tutoring with a private level, master level or premier level LSAT tutor. (Price depends on level and experience of tutor and geographic location). Or customize your own package with the help of a tutor. Higher score guarantee or get your money back. Includes 6 full-length practice exams, a customized prep plan that is adjusted as you make progress, and the option to pay as you go.


The Princeton Review LSAT Course Information

Princeton Review LSATStrengths
1.Small Group Courses
2.Access to Instructors
3.Comprehensive Study Materials
4.Multiple Guarantees Offered

Princeton Review LSAT
Written by: Crush The LSAT
4 / 5 stars


Magoosh LSAT Review



The Magoosh LSAT review course is about as simple as it gets with regard to studying for the law school entrance exam. This prep option is great for students who want an affordable and customizable review platform through which they can prepare for the test.

With video lessons, explanation-laden content, and a bank of practice questions, the Magoosh LSAT prep course is designed with the user in mind. Experienced tutors are also available for email assistance, which should help with any studying roadblocks.


1. Value

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck studying method, this might be it. With unmatched pricing and plenty of features available to subscribers, the Magoosh LSAT review is a great value for future legal professionals. Both packages are affordable and provide access to plenty of content that will guide you through your studying processes and adequately prepare you for the exam.

2. Guarantee

Though the price for this course is relatively low, Magoosh will still refund you on your purchase. If you email within 7 days of trying the premium account, then they will send you a full refund. It’s one of the simple, no strings attached guarantees that consumers will struggle to find these days.

3. Ease of Use

The Magoosh LSAT review program is based on the idea of a simplistic approach to test taking and preparation. Video lessons explain exactly what you need to know, and you have the power to navigate through the course at your own speed. If you have only twenty minutes after work and want to brush up on a certain section, just watch a video and do a couple practice problems – this is an incredibly easy to use prep tool.

4. Strategic Overview

The basis of any good LSAT strategy should be the overarching approach to taking the test. In this regard, Magoosh really takes the cake. Their experts really walk you through the best strategies for approaching your studying, ensuring that you don’t waste precious hours going over the wrong materials. A bare bones, essentials only approach to the test is what you pay for, and for many, it’s really all that is needed.

Magoosh Formal Logic BasicsCONS

1. Number of Questions

While some courses may provide you with access to hundreds upon hundreds of practice queries, or entire practice exams, the Magoosh LSAT only has 500 questions. Though the number of questions may be smaller, the hundreds of hours of instructional videos should help to fill any gaps.

2. Limited Free or Additional Resources

This is a bare bones course package – you get what you pay for. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for those who are looking for a ton of additional content and gimmicky games and tools, the Magoosh course isn’t the ideal choice. If you’re busy and looking to simply study on your free time, this is your best bet.

Ideal User

The Magoosh LSAT review course is designed in a manner that makes it appealing to people who are busy, on-the-go, self-studiers, and able to apply their existing knowledge to the law exam studying process. This isn’t going to be the best choice for someone who wants to take part in group learning – it’s the perfect insularly option for those not looking to collaborate.

Video content isn’t everyone’s favorite method for studying, but for those who like to have access to a full bank of informative and well-thought-out instructional videos, this is the top of the class. Expert instructors provide videos to explain certain concepts and overall game plans, and each practice question has a corresponding video explanation.

If you’re like many people who are planning on taking the LSAT, you’ve got a lot going on. Keeping up with a rigorous study schedule may not be possible, so being able to cater the course to your lifestyle is important. This is the idea behind the Magoosh LSAT review – it’s built for people who may have class, work, or both, and who require a prep tool that can accommodate their busy lifestyle.

My Suggestion

The Magoosh LSAT review is different than almost any LSAT prep tool on the market. It’s incredibly cheap and has a great 7-day trial period, so you’re going to be making a minimum investment regardless of whether or not you intend to finish using the course.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than this review course, but you may end up needing more materials if you aren’t the quickest learner. Still, for the price and given the depth of knowledge of the experts behind creating the content, this is a tool that will be an instant hit for those who need a minimal approach to studying.


Summary of Course Features

  • More than 50 video lessons on logic games, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning
  • 250 explanation videos to LSAC’s official LSAT PrepTests
  • 150+ practice questions
  • Email assistance from experienced tutors
  • 7-day free trial
  • Money back guarantee
  • Full access to course until time period runs out


The Magoosh LSAT Review 3-Month Premium
Price: $79
Includes: 500 practice questions, more than 250 explanation videos, 50 video lessons for logic games, reading comprehension and logical reasons, 3 months of unlimited access, and email assistance from qualified tutors.

The Magoosh LSAT Review 12-Month Premium
Price: $99
Includes:500 practice questions, more than 250 explanation videos, 50 video lessons for logic games, reading comprehension and logical reasons, 12 months of unlimited access, and email assistance from qualified tutors.



The Magoosh LSAT Course Breakdown

Magoosh LSAT ReviewStrengths
2.Video Content
3.Strategy Advice
5.Entry Point
Magoosh LSAT Review
Written by: Crush The LSAT
4 / 5 stars


Velocity LSAT Review


Velocity LSAT Prep was founded by Dave Hall, an LSAT instructor who achieved a perfect score on the LSAT three times. Hall’s witty and irreverent approach to preparing for the LSAT makes this course somewhat entertaining and less daunting.

An impressive amount of free content on the Velocity website makes it easy to determine if this is the right course for you. Video explanations and lessons are short, to the point, and delivered with plenty of personality.

Priced at $599 for the full course, Velocity LSAT Prep takes advantage of online videos and textbook materials in addition to practice exams. Users can choose eBooks or hard copies of practice books. Online tools include free access to video explanations, a forum, and 30 practice tests that can be graded for you.


velocity low-price1. Price

At $599 for the complete online course, this is the lowest-priced option out there. Hall states on his website that he specifically priced the course so that it would be accessible to most students, not just to those with a lot of money. Velocity LSAT also sells individual components of the course rather than the whole program which makes them a bit more affordable to the average college student.

velocity mobile

2. Mobile Device Friendly

All of Velocity’s study material, including the eBooks and more than 150 hours of video, is available online. The videos are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and every common web browser. The High Definition videos are of professional quality and accessible from almost any device. The videos are also short and to the point, making for short study sessions that maximize information retention.

3. Free Study Materials

The video explanations and free account tools, including an option to track and record progress while you are studying for the LSAT, a free Forum to ask questions, and prep tips are a great way to explore if this course is right for you. If you like what you see, upgrade to the comprehensive course, because although the free videos explain why a specific answer is the right choice, only the full course gives you the tools to arrive at the correct answers yourself.

4. Engaging Presentation

Hall’s quirky sense of humor brings energy to the often boring and tedious process of spending hours studying for the LSAT. This course strives to improve your scores while also making the process relatively painless. If you are lucky enough to live in Southern California, you can check out the live classes in Riverside and Irvine, but if not, the online version also has many options to personalize your experience. Every week, Hall records video answers to all the homework questions he receives in his mailbox, and you can also ask for help by email, via the in house messaging system, or on the forum.

velocity course-syllabus5. Study Calendar

When you sign up for Velocity’s program, you are asked to enter your test date so that a custom study plan designed to fit all of the material into your schedule can be created. The syllabus calendar tells you exactly which pages to read and which questions to practice each day, based on how many days or weeks you have left before the exam.



1. Expires After 8 Months

Unfortunately, access to the course is limited to 8 months. After the course expires, you have several options to pay to extend the course, but you will incur additional charges up to the full amount of the course. If you aren’t planning on taking the LSAT in the near future then you might want to look for a different prep course.

Ideal User

Velocity LSAT’s online course will appeal to tech-savvy learners who are on a budget and want a program that that is user-friendly.

The textbook contains references to every video, so that you can read information and then watch the corresponding video for better comprehension. Students who are disciplined enough to follow the daily syllabus and prefer to learn by watching video lessons and have the material explained to them will benefit most from this course.

My Suggestion

Velocity LSAT Prep is a decent option for online learners and their website has a wealth of free materials to check out before purchasing anything. Its founder’s unconventional approach to mastering the LSAT make it a popular choice for many price conscious students looking to save some of their hard earned cash on their study materials.

Concise videos and whiteboard explanations, access to every LSAT prep test released since 2000, and step-by-step instructions for tackling different types of questions you may encounter on the exam make Velocity an option to consider.


Summary of Course Features

  • 4 practice books (choose either digital or hard copies), including: Practice Exams, Logical Reasoning Textbook, Games manual, and Reading Comprehension book
  • 150+ Hours of Video lessons and explanations, including:
  • complete explanations for every single scored question from the Practice Exams book,
  • video lessons for each topic and question type in the Logical Reasoning section,
  • video lessons for every type of LSAT Game,
  • video lessons for every type of Reading Comprehension question and passage
  • access to and grading option for every LSAT released since 2000
  • Online LSAT Prep Forum for answers to specific LSAT questions and Law School applications in general
  • Total Homework Help with “Answer Central” feature, moderated by founder Dave Hall
  • Personalized syllabus calendars with daily instructions for reading and assignments until test day
  • Extensive online digital library with explanations


Velocity Online Full LSAT Prep Course
Price: $599

Logical Reasoning Membership Only
Price: $449

Games Membership Only
Price: $299

Reading Comprehension Membership Only
Price: $299

Money back guarantee: If you watch all the videos and complete all of the assignments but your score doesn’t improve, you receive a full refund.

Need-Based Aid, Upgrade Discounts, and a No Practice Exams discount are also available.


Velocity LSAT Course Information

Velocity LSAT ReviewStrengths
1.10% Off Coupon Code
2.Engaging Presentations
3.Study Calendar
4.Mobile-Device Friendly
5.Great Overall Value



Velocity LSAT Review
Written by: Crush The LSAT
3 / 5 stars


Manhattan Prep LSAT Review


Manhattan Prep LSAT is a flexible course that includes a choice of traditional in-person classes, online live LSAT classes, and on-demand online lessons that can be completed at your own pace. Study materials include hard copies of practice books and a full suite of online materials.

Manhattan’s live classes follow a syllabus and are similar to traditional college classes. The online live and on demand options are a better choice for students who need more flexibility in their study schedule, or who may not have access to a location where in-person sessions are available.


1. Small Classes

Students who attend the live classroom sessions will benefit from smaller classes because Manhattan limits class size to 25 participants, although classes often have as few as ten students. This means more instructor support and interaction during class – a clear advantage if you need extra help, have a question, or prefer to interact directly with an instructor while you are solving problems and answering test questions.

2. Customized Syllabus

Manhattan Prep provides a each student with a customized syllabus based on initial testing. The syllabus addresses weak areas by providing additional practice where it is needed most. The syllabus also keeps you on track so that you cover all the material before your exam date.

free trial3. Free Trial

Manhattan offers free proctored LSAT exams and trial classes at various locations in the USA. You can also sign up for a free online class or try the self-study option before you pay for the complete course. Check their website for a list of dates and locations and additional free resources. You can also download a free practice LSAT to try at home while using their Virtual Proctor Video to keep track of time and simulate an actual exam.

4. Tutoring Available

The private tutoring option offers one-on-one tutoring, although this personalized program comes at an additional price. You can request 2-hour tutoring sessions in person or online for $225 per hour, or buy a tutoring package if you need more than ten hours and want to combine it with the online or in-person course. All instructors and tutors have scored in the 99th percentile of the LSAT.

manhatten prep courses5. In-Depth Material

Three strategy guide books explain and provide many examples of each type of test question, and two practice test books include full-length practice LSATs. The Interact LSAT Course includes 50 interactive video lectures, an LSAT tracker to interpret your practice test results, guided lessons and exercises, handouts, an LSAT forum, and online labs. In addition to the practice books, students have online access to every LSAT that has been released by LSAC and explanations for the correct answers.


1. Limited Live Locations

Although the on-demand and live online options are available nationwide, the in-person course is limited to specific metropolitan areas. Students who prefer in-person lectures and review sessions with an instructor or tutor may be out of luck, depending on their location. There is also no mobile app, although videos can be watched from your computer or iPad.

2. Game Questions Are Not Authentic

Some of the questions meant to prepare students for the Game questions on the LSAT have little in common with actual LSAT game questions. Manhattan states that they should be seen as study tools that may take longer to solve, or be a bit “sillier” than actual LSAT games. Many students prefer to prepare for exactly the type of questions that they will see on the exam rather than spending additional time on brain teasers that may or may not help them on exam day.

Ideal User

The flexible nature of Manhattan Prep LSAT’s courses offers something for everyone. Choose from online, on-demand, and in-person sessions to find the option that best meets your individual learning style and situation. The self-paced LSAT Interact course is ideal for students who want to study on their own schedule from the comfort of their dorm or apartment. Students can purchase the full course with or without the Live Review Sessions, or buy only section-specific modules.

Students who prefer the ritual of attending a class with regular homework assignments and interaction with an instructor will benefit more from the in-person or online live sessions to keep them on track. Study materials include both printed study guides and many online study aids, giving students the best of both worlds.

My Suggestion

The Manhattan LSAT course is a good option for both traditional and online learners. Whether you choose the in-person, live online, or on-demand course, online learning materials and printed practice books as well as quality instruction come with each package. Students who are looking for personalized support will benefit from a wide variety of options, in the form of weekly-one-on-one sessions, live online review sessions, and hourly tutoring. Take them up on their free trial today to find the best LSAT prep option for you!


Summary of Course Features

  • The Manhattan LSAT Complete Course includes 66 hours of live instruction (online or in person)
  • LSAT Interact includes more than 50 interactive video lessons for review at your own pace
  • Weekly 30-minute office sessions with an instructor to go over LSAT problems and answer questions
  • Access to the LSAT Online Forum
  • Three strategy guides that prepare you for the different types of questions on the exam
  • Two additional guides contain 15 recent LSATs and 10 LSATs that are grouped by type of question, respectively.
  • Online access to every released LSAT
  • Manhattan’s LSAT Tracker to interpret your practice test results
  • On-demand recordings to enable you to review of concepts any time you want
  • Challenge problems
  • Interactive labs
  • Customized syllabus
  • Tutors for an additional fee
  • Technical support


LSAT Live In-Person
Price: $1499
Format: 66 hours of live LSAT classes offered in-person, weekly one-on-one sessions with an instructor to review LSAT problems and answer questions, unlimited online forums, full set of strategy guides and practice test books, online access to every previously released LSAT, LSAT tracker, on-demand recorded lessons, syllabus, challenge questions, and interactive labs.

LSAT Live Online
Price: $1199
Format: 66 hours of live online LSAT classes, weekly one-on-one sessions with an instructor, unlimited online forums, full set of strategy guides and practice test books, online access to every previously released LSAT, LSAT tracker, on-demand recorded lessons, syllabus, challenge questions, and interactive labs.

LSAT Interact Self Study
Price: $799
Format: 60+ hours of interactive video lessons, challenge sets, and homework explanations, access to online labs, homework explanations, and LSAT forums, full set of strategy guides and practice test books, online access to every previously released LSAT, LSAT tracker, on-demand recorded lessons, syllabus, challenge questions, and interactive labs.

LSAT Interact Self Study + Live Review Sessions
Price: $999
Format: Same as Interact Self Study plus 2-hour, live online review sessions that correspond to each of the 12 lesson sets in LSAT Interact. (A total of 24 hours with LSAT instructors to review concepts, ask questions and work additional problems).

Individual Section Course
Price: $375 each
Format: Course on Logic Games, Reading Comprehension, or Logical Reasoning.


Manhattan Prep LSAT Course Information

Manhattan Prep LSATStrengths
1.Discount Codes Offered
2.Small Classes
3. Customized Syllabus
4.Free Trial
5.In-Depth Study Material
Manhattan LSAT Review
Written by: Crush The LSAT
3 / 5 stars


Blueprint LSAT Review

blueprint lsat prep


BluePrint LSAT Prep specializes in LSAT test prep unlike many of the other LSAT review companies out there. This allows Blueprint to give you a course that not only helps you achieve your goal score, but also keeps you engaged throughout the lessons and practice questions. If you are like so many of the other students out there that find it difficult to stay motivated, Blueprint is a great LSAT course for you!

Overview of BluePrint LSAT Prep

With Blueprint, you can study with the many tools that include textbooks, videos, and adaptive learning. Unlike many competitors, Blueprint has new elements to the traditional online prep course model that are both fun and allow you to take your studies on the go. These include memory tools, logic games, humorous lessons with animated explanations, and a scoreboard that keeps you competitive.

The study material is divided into small, easy-to-memorize segments, making it especially useful if you struggle with traditional ways of learning a large body of information. Blueprint is integrated with adaptive learning software that will eliminate any unnecessary study time. You will also have access to a study buddy who answers your questions via email.

BluePrint LSAT Review is making a colorful name for itself in the monotone world of LSAT Prep. Let’s look at all this course has to offer and decide how fun it can really be, and most importantly if its the right course for you!

Best LSAT Review Course

Course Snapshot (product details):

  • 3 Textbooks
  • 19 Practice LSAT Exams
  • Over 8,000 LSAT practice questions
  • In-depth explanations to practice questions
  • 88 Hours of video lessons
  • Video lessons taught by 99th percentile instructors
  • Logic and memory-based games
  • 24-Hour email support from veteran instructors
  • Online resources/app that lets you study on the go
  • 10 Day satisfaction guarantee

LSAT Practice Questions

Blue Print LSAT Review Dashboard


You get access to every LSAT question ever released in your practice questions with Blueprint. These practice questions are also adaptive, meaning the software tracks everything from your answered questions. This will allow you to really hone in on what you are missing and why. This is used to not only give you homework questions tailored to your current level but to also let you see your weaknesses and strengths.

My favorite part about Blueprint LSAT Review is the gamified learning model. The whole course is interactive and engaging. The videos are humorous, but the point system of the practice questions is perfect for you if you like to stay competitive.

Basically, if you get a question right you get points. If you do so quickly, you get even more points. If you answer more than one right in a row, well then now you are on a hot streak and get even more points! I know a lot of competitive students that love this way of study because it keeps them motivated.

LSAT Practice ExamsBlue Print LSAT Review In-Person

With your Blueprint LSAT review course, you will have the latest practice tests set aside from your practice questions for you to use as extra exams. All the other practice exams can be used for homework or you can make customizable ones from the questions bank.

Video Lessons

Blueprint really focuses on bringing entertainment to your education with its video lessons. Blueprint: The Movie 2.0, the official name of the video lessons, is streamed in HD and is entirely taught by Blueprint founders Matt Riley and Trent Teti.

All of the videos are fully animated and have added humor. I really enjoyed how you don’t have to sit through long, boring videos or webcasts. Instead, each video is fast-paced, engaging, funny, and will keep your attention. The animations illustrate concepts that help promote memorization and will help you if you are a visual learner.

Dashboard & User ExperienceBluePrint LSAT Dashboard Review

When it comes to an easy to use LSAT prep course, look no further! Blueprint’s interface is clean and the menu bar makes it easy to navigate throughout the course. Throughout your studies, you’ll find it easy to make your course your own. Cross off answers as you practice or tap on the hint provided. You can even see how many people said each answer and you can see an explanation for the whole question or just read under each choice why it was wrong.

With the “Law School Compass” feature, you can set up a profile that will help calculate how likely you are to be accepted to a particular law school. Thanks to Blueprint’s analytics that monitor your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses, your personal “Law School Compass” can gauge your chances of getting into a specific law school. This gives you valuable insight into how they stack up against their peers, and how to determine their target LSAT score for admission to specific schools.

Customer Support

When you get Blueprint LSAT Review, you get access to study buddy which is the email support line. Any question can be submitted and one of Blueprint’s veteran instructors will get back to them within 24 hours. Blueprint only hires tutors who have scored 170 or higher themselves. If you have a question that is pretty common, Blueprint most likely already has the explanation provided.

Course Access

When you purchase Blueprint LSAT review, you will have access to the full online course and all of the amazing resources included.

BluePrint LSAT Pricing & Financing Options

Blueprint LSAT Review is available at just $199 per month! That’s much cheaper than other LSAT review courses out there.

It’s important for you to know that you will have to pay a $200 initial fee for all materials including books and practice exams. So your first payment will be a total of $399. After that, you will be automatically charged $199 for each month until you cancel your subscription.

To see if Blueprint is running any special promotions or offering any big discounts or coupon codes, check out our LSAT Discounts page.

Who is BluePrint LSAT Review Best For?

The ideal user for BluePrint LSAT Review would be someone who likes a little extra motivation to get studying. BluePrint does this well with the charismatic and funny instructors and by adding a competitive edge on to your study schedule with the gamified practice questions.

Blueprint will appeal to visual learners who are looking for a course that will grab their attention. Students can choose between 112 hours of traditional in-class instruction (available in certain locations), and the 88-hour online course. The entertainment value of the online course is unlike any other LSAT test prep delivery we’ve seen. In the online course, a.k.a. Blueprint: The Movie 2.0., the founders deliberately set out to make studying for the LSAT as entertaining as watching a TV show.

Students who dread watching and listening to hours of boring LSAT explanations and lessons will prefer this version by far. The online videos are streamed in HD and feature professional animations that appear all around the instructor to liven up the lesson and to illustrate concepts. Many users will also appreciate the flexibility of studying on the go with the iOS app, which features an interactive questions interface, video lessons, photo scoring, and advanced analytics to measure progress and provide additional feedback.

Even visual learners who choose the in-class course will benefit from the unique design elements of the textbooks, in addition to having full access to the online course material. Visual learners will appreciate that information and approaches to solving questions are laid out in a series of easy-to-read graphics. Flowcharts demonstrate how to progress through each type of question in a way that was deliberately chosen to simplify and support the learning process.

My Suggestion

Blueprint’s unique and animated video lectures, paired with their self-study tools, such as the mobile app, analytics, textbooks, and timer, make the Online LSAT Course ideal for students who prefer to avoid a traditional classroom environment. The course is interesting and includes all the elements you will find on the actual LSAT.

Logic and memory tools make learning more fun, while traditional explanations and tutorials ensure that you get everything you need from the course. Students who take a in-person LSAT Course will have access to Blueprint’s many online resources in addition to the traditional classroom prep sessions as well as increased access to instructors.



Summary of BluePrint LSAT Strengths

1. Free Preview

Blueprint offers a free and detailed look at training materials on its website. You can watch some of the sample videos or take the extended free tour to explore the unique approach to LSAT prep, Blueprint: The Movie 2.0. Work through five different chapters from various lessons to see what you can expect from this course.

2. Interesting Videos

You won’t have to suffer through long, boring videos or webcasts if you choose Blueprint. Each video is fast-paced, engaging, funny, and will keep your attention. The animations will help visual learners by illustrating concepts in ways that promote learning. Most videos are short enough to make memorization of key points a breeze.

3. Variety of Features

In addition to more than 80 hours of video lessons and tutorials, you’ll get a variety of extra materials and learning tools, including five textbooks, an iOS app for studying on the go, practice tests, logic and memory-based games, and in-depth explanations of questions.

4. Analytics

Blueprint’s analytics monitor your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and gauge your chances of getting into a specific law school. The “Law School Compass” feature allows you to set up your profile and uses your score results and additional information you provide to calculate how likely you are to be accepted to a particular law school. This gives students valuable insight into how they stack up against their peers, and how to determine their target LSAT score for admission to specific schools.

5. Tutoring Available

Blueprint offers tutoring with their courses for an additional fee. The company only hires tutors who have scored 170 or higher themselves, and tutoring sessions are conveniently held over Skype. Tutoring sessions can be purchased in packages of either 30 or 60 hours.

Summary of Cons

1. Video Sync Issues

On occasion, the audio is out of sync with the video in the tutorials and video lessons. This isn’t a huge issue, because a time lag of a few seconds does not affect overall comprehension. Still, it can be distracting to watch the lecturer speak while audio is delayed. Still, many of the videos are perfectly synchronized.

Depending on the speed your internet connection, this may or may not be a problem. The constant animations that pop up all over the place might distract some learners as well. Either way, we recommend that you test drive the trial version on their website first.

2. iOS-only App

The mobile app is only compatible with iOS devices. Offering an Android app would obviously appeal to more students and provide greater flexibility for those who prefer more portable options.


BluePrint LSAT Pricing

Online Course
Price: $199/month
Delivery: Online video lessons, explanations, and study materials; iOS mobile app

112 hour Classroom Course
Price: $1,599
Format: In-Class Instruction (various U.S.locations); access to all online course material



BluePrint LSAT Review Course Information

BluePrint LSAT Course Strengths 
1.Free Preview
2.Interesting Videos
3.Variety of Features
5.Tutoring Available
6.By Far The Most Entertaining Course
Blueprint LSAT Review
Written by: Crush The LSAT
5 / 5 stars


TestMasters LSAT Review


TestMasters LSAT Prep course was designed by Robin Singh, who scored in the 99th percentile for a record number of 12 LSAT exams. As an undergraduate, Singh realized that the LSAT is a skills-based test. You can learn to use his strategies in the live course, which is offered at more than 100 locations in the U.S., or you can watch the master himself in the online, video-based format.

The company’s database of flawed reasoning methods and a quiz feature that builds LSAT vocabulary are just two of the useful features included in this course. Singh teaches in a friendly, upbeat manner, and provides in-depth explanations and tutorials in more than 100 hours of high-definition videos. A 2-day live weekend course is also available for those who are pressed for time but want to take advantage of an in-class experience.


1. Huge Library of Study Material

The TestMasters extensive library of study material gives students ample opportunity to fill the recommended 10+ hours of study per week. The course includes 7,500 questions released by the LSAC, and more than 5,000 of these have written or video explanations. A Research and Development team updates study materials every year and adds new videos to the online course. There are no simulated questions in their materials; every question comes from an actual LSAT.

2. Diagnostic Scoring

TestMasters LSAT includes detailed diagnostic scoring. Students are given full-length diagnostic exams under timed conditions. The online scoring system immediately generates detailed score reports that categorize each question by type to help identify areas of weakness. The score reports also indicate the relative difficulty of each question by revealing the percentage of students who selected each answer. A Virtual Proctor tool times the sections of the exam to help students gauge their progress.

3. Affordable Tutoring

If you need extra help, TestMasters offers online and telephone tutoring for $100/hour. The hourly rate goes down if you choose a tutoring package of 10 hours or more. For a slightly higher price, TestMasters also offers in-person tutoring in various locations, which may be useful for those who are taking the online course and would like additional, more personalized help.

4. Database of Flawed Reasoning

This unique feature contains information and examples of the traps you must avoid when you take the LSAT. Detailed descriptions of incorrect reasoning techniques and LSAT examples that exhibit a particular flaw help students learn to identify and avoid similar pitfalls on their own test.


1. Course Access is Limited to a Few Months

Students can choose a course based on the date of their exam, and most courses begin about 10 weeks before the exam. Those who want to begin studying sooner or need more time may be out of luck.

2. No App or other Mobile Features

This course comes with many state-of-the-art online course features, but it is not as flexible or portable as some of its competitors. If you have online access, you can watch the videos and play the games. There also isn’t an option to preview online features on their website. Students will have to buy the course before they can explore various features.

Ideal User

Students hoping to crack the code of the LSAT by learning tips and tricks from the master (or from expert instructors) will find this course compelling. Those who prefer a classroom setting with interaction between instructors and students will benefit from the live version of this course. Students short on time can take advantage of the shorter, live weekend course or the online format.

The online course option is the most flexible option for those who aren’t interested in traveling to a physical location 3-4 times a week for the 4-hour sessions. Although lesson plans are provided, students in the online course will have to discipline themselves to watch the videos, complete the homework, and the diagnostic tests on their own.

My Suggestion

TestMasters offers a full range of LSAT prep options. Students have the flexibility of choosing from live sessions and the online course, taught exclusively by the course’s founder, Robert Singh. A nice option for those who want an intense, shorter experience is the 2-day live weekend course for $450.

Unique online features include a database of flawed reasoning, detailed test diagnostics, a vocabulary-building quiz, and an LSAT search engine to locate specific questions in a few seconds. Although the limited access to course materials is not ideal for students who need additional time to study, the strategies, tips and tricks learned in this course will help students think like the test-makers and avoid common pitfalls.


Summary of Course Features

  • 4-hour in-class sessions several times a week taught by expert instructors
  • Online Resource Center with 100+ hours of video taught by Robert Singh
  • Coursebook containing questions arranged by type, homework assignments
  • All LSAT questions released since 1991 (7,500+)
  • Thousands of pages of written explanations
  • 15 Full LSAT Exams for diagnostics and practice
  • Immediate and detailed test diagnostics
  • Database of flawed reasoning
  • LSAT question search engine to find specific questions quickly
  • Dynamic quiz to build vocabulary


TestMasters Live LSAT Course
Price: $1550
Includes: 4-hour classroom sessions several times a week, diagnostic and practice exams, personal coursebook with all released (7500+) LSAT questions arranged by type, access to all 15 video lessons taught by Singh, Online Resource Center, thousands of written explanations for each section, detailed test diagnostics, access to database of flawed reasoning, LSAT question search engine, vocabulary-building quiz.

TestMasters 2-day Weekend LSAT Course
Price: $450
Includes: 16 hours of live instruction, 400-page coursebook with lessons and homework, access to TestMasters methods and techniques, 7 full-length diagnostic tests with score reports, use of Online Resource Center to receive feedback on scored diagnostic tests

TestMasters Online LSAT Course
Price: $950
Includes: 15 lessons in 100+ hours of high-definition videos taught by course author Robin Singh, coursebook with all released (7500+) LSAT questions arranged by type,  diagnostic and practice exams, Online Resource Center, thousands of written explanations for each section, detailed test diagnostics, database of flawed reasoning, LSAT question search engine, vocabulary-building quiz.

Tutoring Online/Telephone
Hourly: $100/hour
10-Hour Package: $900
25-Hour Package: $2000
80-Hour (Platinum) Package: $6750
Format: Telephone or Web Chat

Tutoring In-Person:
Hourly: $150/hour
10-Hour Package: $1250
25-Hour Package: $2750
80-Hour (Platinum) Package: $8750
Format: In-Person at select locations


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TestMasters LSAT Review Course Information

TestMasters LSAT
1.Huge Library of Study Material
2.Diagnostic Scoring
3.Affordable Tutoring
4.Database of Flawed Reasoning
5.Expert Instructors – Robert Singh
6.Vocabulary Building Quiz
TestMasters LSAT
Written by: Crush The LSAT
3 / 5 stars


PowerScore LSAT Review


PowerScore is best known for their popular Logic Games Bible. The PowerScore prep course includes six different course options, including live in-person, and live online webcasts.
When it comes to online prep courses, PowerScore varies from the norm in both their on-demand and live content by offering screencasts of computer lessons with instructors linked via audio. The result is a unique course that has a completely different look and feel from its competitors.

PowerScore also offers weekend courses for students who are pressed for time. The physical study guides and effective study plans are very popular, and the LSAT hotline allows students to call with questions about the syllabus or exams in the evenings, Monday-Friday.

Unique question sets test students’ knowledge by presenting the hardest questions from each section, rather than beginning with the easier questions and finishing with those that are most challenging.


1. Instructor-Driven Courses Available

If you prefer to learn from an instructor, you can choose a PowerScore course with more than 64 hours of live lectures delivered by a trained LSAT teacher, either in-person or live online. All instructors have scored in the 99th percentile of the LSAT themselves.

2. Carefully-Chosen Question Sets

Instead of having to working your way through thousands of available LSAT questions  of varying difficulty, PowerScore goes right to the questions that give students the most trouble. You might work on the 50 most difficult questions from previous LSAT instead of a few easy, medium, and hard questions in a set, (although you can start with easier questions if you prefer.)

3. Tutors Are Available

Some students do need additional, customized help. PowerScore offers tutoring packages that include live-online and telephone options starting at $150 per hour. You can save money by buying a package of hours at a reduced rate.

4. Extensive Content Library

PowerScore ranks among the top LSAT prep companies when it comes to available content. The two most comprehensive course options (The Full-length and the Live Online courses) offer between 81-125 hours of instruction plus study books and access to all released LSAT questions.

Everything is accessible from the Online Student Center, a kind of dashboard for the entire course. Archived lessons are available on-demand for review and more practice. The popular PowerScore test-prep books (sold separately) are a nice option if you decide not to purchase the full course.

5. Free Study Material and Previews

The PowerScore website offers a number of free previews and study material for students to explore before they purchase a course. These include a preview of the first lesson, the entire June 2007 LSAT Exam, and free test scoring.

Choose from more than 10 different free learning resources, including lessons, practice sessions, and on-demand lessons. There is also a free self-study plan that can be customized according to how much time you have left before the LSAT.


1. Low Quality Video

If you’re expecting high-quality, professional video presentations, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Most of the available videos are screen-recorded with lower-quality audio that sounds like it was recorded over a conference call rather than with professional microphones. Still, the audio is both audible and comprehensible for those who don’t insist on having the best in high definition sound and video.

Ideal User

This course is a good match for students who want the convenience of studying online without losing the advantage of having a live and interactive learning experience with an instructor and other students. If the full course is available in your area, you can take advantage of both in-person classes and online lectures in addition to proctored exams. You can try the free live or online seminar on their site to see which option best suits your needs.

Two different weekend course options are cheaper and less time-consuming; students can either attend a weekend course in person or choose the Live Online Weekend Course to attend from their home. If you just want to ace a section to bring your score up to the highest level, you can choose the Advanced Logic Games and Advanced Logical Reasoning course, which builds on the strategies presented in the course and PowerScore textbooks.

My Suggestion

PowerScore has a number of user friendly-features, various different course options ranging from in-person to on-demand, and a great deal of authentic LSAT content. Although the live online courses are more interactive than watching video lessons, this advantage is somewhat offset by the lower quality of the video stream.

Still, this is a comprehensive and flexible course taught by qualified instructors. The cheaper options are also quite affordable, making them a good fit for students on a budget.


Summary of Features

  • Full-length Course and Regular Weekend Course are offered in-person
  • All Other Options Available Online
  • 20-125 instructional hours (live and/or on-demand, depending on course)
  • Access to all released LSAT questions (7000+), depending on course
  • Up to 31 Full Practice Exams and 16 Hours of Proctored Exam Time, Depending On Course
  • 4 Coursebooks with Questions and Homework
  • Audio and Video Presentations, eBooks, PDFs
  • Student Support via Instant Messenger, Email, and Telephone Hotline


Full-Length LSAT Course
Price: $1,295
8-week course includes: 125 hours of instruction (64 live lecture hours, 45 online lecture hours, 16 hours of in-class proctored tests), all 7000+ released LSAT questions, instructor hotline, 31 practice tests with score reports.

Live Online LSAT Course
Price: $995
4-12 week course (12 sessions) includes: 81 hours of instruction (36 live lecture hours, 45 online lecture hours), all 7000+ released LSAT questions, 31 practice tests with score reports.

Live Online Weekend Course
Price: Ordinarily $395, special offer $299
2-weekend course includes: 35 hours of instruction (16 live lecture hours, 19 online lecture hours), 1300+ LSAT questions, 9 practice tests, email assistance, archived lessons.

Weekend LSAT Course
Price: Ordinarily $395, special offer $299
2-day course includes: 35 hours of instruction (16 live lecture hours, 19 online lecture hours), 1300+ LSAT questions, 9 practice tests, email assistance, 1 free repeat session within a year.

Individual Section Course
Price: $350
Includes: 20 online lecture hours, focusing on either Logic Games (74 questions) or Logical Reasoning (95 questions), email assistance, access for 6 months.


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PowerScore LSAT Review Course Information

PowerScore LSAT Features 
1.Instructor Driven Courses
2.Carefully-Chosen Question Sets
3.Tutors Are Available
4.Extensive Content Library
5.Free Study Material & Previews
6.User Friendly Features
PowerScore LSAT Review
Written by: Crush The LSAT
3 / 5 stars


7Sage LSAT Review


Developed by two Harvard graduates, 7Sage offers an affordable LSAT prep course that is notable for its huge library of on-demand learning material, straightforward style of instruction, and low subscription price. One of best options available for students on a budget, 3-month subscriptions start at just $179 and include video explanations for 10 full practice exams.

The course itself is versatile, self-driven, and offers a variety of study material, including tutorial videos, written guides, and explanations for more than 7,000 questions. 7Sage also boasts a unique video playback method, with study options like notes and bookmarks built right into the video watching experience. 7Sage is available on-demand for computers and tablets.


1. Huge Content Library

7Sage provides online access to 400 lessons, 4,000 practice questions, 50 hours of video lessons, tutorials, 1,000 LSAT printable practice questions, 4,000 questions explained on video, video explanations for 37 LSAT tests, and logic games.

2. Multiple Subscription Options

Various subscription options make it possible to customize the time frame and the amount of material you wish to study. The most affordable course starts at just $179, with access for 3 months. The most expensive course costs $549 and gives you 12 months of study time.

3. On-Demand Learning

If you’re too busy to attend in-person classes, don’t have the funds for a pricey prep course, or if you like to set your own study schedule and can stick with it, then 7Sage is a great option. All study materials are available 24/7, and accessible with an internet connection from your laptop or tablet.

4. Extensive Tutorials

70 tutorial videos are designed to help you with everything from navigating the site to figuring out logic games. Take advantage of the detailed written advice on passing and studying for the LSAT. 7Sage offers study tips such as how to study for practice tests as well as advice on what not to do while you study.

5. Video Customization

One of 7Sage’s best features is the ability to customize your video learning experience. Video options include features like changing the pace of videos in order to slow down or speed up the video speed. This is a huge plus when you are taking notes or solving problems.

Another great perk is the ability to mark parts of a video that you want to come back to later so that you don’t have to watch the entire video again. You can also take notes right in the video app by scrolling to the bottom of the video feed. All notes are available both on the videos, and under “My Notes” in your profile.

6. Analytics and Progress Tracking

7Sage LSAT Analytics keep track of your progress and scores so that you can see them whenever you log in. Analytics monitor and update your scores as you take tests and identify areas that require further study.

7. Study Guides and Pacing

A basic study guide helps keep students on track. 7Sage divides learning material into small sections and advances you through levels as you learn. For example, you will begin with General Theory, and as soon as you master that content, you move on to Specific Theory.

As you continue at your own pace, the program introduces you to more advanced study material. You can also generate an LSAT study plan based on the material available in the subscription that you choose, and your preferred start and end date.

8. Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

7Sage offers a limited free trial for their LSAT prep course. You can log in and see what is available before you commit to buying the product. You’ll get free lessons, be able to  take part in discussions with other students studying for the LSAT, and have access to the LSAT Scorer.

The free recorded video explanations for every Logic Game (ever!) are a really nice touch. They are all in HD with variable playback speed, and students can ask questions. The money back guarantee means you can try the program risk-free. If you don’t like it, ask for a refund within 14 days.


1. No Tutors

Many students benefit from tutoring options, but it is not available for any of 7Sage’s LSAT courses. Extensive tutorial videos address many typical questions about the LSAT and its individual sections, and students can ask questions in the discussion area, but those who are interested in one-on-one help should look to another course for tutoring.

2. Additional Material and Test Fees

You have to buy LSAT prep tests to use with this course, because they are not included in the price. 7Sage claims this is because the Law School Admissions Council banned PDF versions of tests and it is “difficult to find legal electronic copies.” Students are encouraged to find paper tests at their library or from online booksellers and other merchants.

This seems odd, given that most other test prep companies include electronic LSAT tests with their courses. Many of the items in the full course (such as the logic games bundle) are also sold separately. If you decide you need more study time after your subscription is up, you will have to pay an extension fee. An all-inclusive price would make this course more appealing and somewhat less confusing.

Ideal User

7Sage’s LSAT course will appeal to tech-oriented students who are self-motivated and prefer to study at their own pace without attending classroom sessions. Videos, flashcards, and PDF lessons are all delivered online, and the free proctor app (for iOS and Android) simulates the test environment by including distracting noises, a turbo mode, five minute warnings, and real instructions.

Students can study whenever they can find the time if they have a job or other commitments. Most importantly, this is one prep course that won’t break the bank. Even the most expensive course option is priced well under the cheapest options offered by most competitors.

My Suggestion

The 7Sage LSAT Course is a good choice for students on a tight budget. Tutoring and extra LSAT prep tests are not included, and students will have to pay for prep tests to use with the course. The active discussion board is popular with students looking for support from peers regarding law school applications and the LSAT.

One nice feature is that you can buy a less expensive course and later upgrade to the next level up by just paying the difference. Your course will also be extended by one month if you take advantage of this option. Unfortunately, all packages are limited to a set number of months and students have to pay to extend the time frame.


Summary of Course Features

  • 400 Hours of Video Lessons and Explanations
  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • Written Lessons (PDF)
  • Explanations for 38 Practice LSATs; Prep Quizzes
  • Logic Games, Analytics
  • Free Proctor App (iOS and Android)
  • Flashcards
  • Hundreds of Additional LSAT Questions as Problem Sets


LSAT Starter
Includes: 3-month course of 400 lessons, 50 hours of video, study schedule, 300 LSAT Questions, 1,200 LSAT questions explained in HD, full video explanations for 10 LSAT’s.

LSAT Premium
Price: $349
Includes: 6-month course of 400 lessons, 50 hours of video, study schedule, 600 LSAT Questions, 2,600 LSAT questions explained in HD, full video explanations for 24 LSAT’s.

LSAT Ultimate
Price: $549
Includes: 12-months course of 400 lessons, 50 hours of video, study schedule, 1000 LSAT Questions, 4,000 LSAT questions explained in HD, logic games, full video explanations for 38 LSAT’s.

Extra Prep Test
Price: $24.97
Includes: 1 month of extended access to LSAT course and 1 full practice exam.

Extended Study Time
Price: $24.99 (1 month) – $119.99 (12 months)
Includes: Extension of access to full course


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7Sage LSAT Review Course Information

7Sage LSAT Review Strengths 
1.Huge Content Library
2.Multiple Subscription Options
3.On-Demand Learning
4.Extensive Tutorials
5.Video Customization
6.Analytics & Progress Tracking


7Sage LSAT
Written by: Crush The LSAT
3 / 5 stars