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Last Updated:April 25, 2018
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Kaplan LSAT Prep is one of this company’s most popular courses and offers students a variety of prep options. Kaplan is a powerhouse when it comes to standardized test preparation, specializing in prep courses for more than 90 different exams.

In-person classes, live webcast lectures, and on-demand video with or without additional tutoring services give students the flexibility to select the program that best fits their needs. Every option comes with access to thousands of practice questions from Kaplan’s extensive QuizBank and other premium online materials.

Kaplan’s most recent addition to LSAT prep is the LSAT Channel, which includes hundreds of hours of additional elective workshops to help students master the course material.


1. Personalized Study Plans and Analytics

Kaplan LSAT prep offers an individual study plan with each course option. Even if you decide to use the self-paced course, you’ll get a personalized study guide to help you organize your time and track your progress. Your practice tests are analyzed by the trademarked Smart Reports software, so that specific assignments can be tailored to your needs.

2. Live Instructors and Classes

Most of Kaplan’s options include live classes and one-on-one support. Interacting with teachers in a live or live online setting gets you immediate help when you have a question. Live classes are limited to 30 students and are held at specific times. If you happen to miss a class, you can make it up and catch up on the material that was covered in person or online.

kaplan lsat channel3. Huge Content Library and LSAT Channel

Kaplan’s extensive library of LSAT content includes more than 70 hours of on-demand videos, 75 quizzes, and a quiz bank with more than 7,500 questions. Its newest innovation, the LSAT Channel, offers hundreds of hours of elective workshops on basic and advanced topics, taught live and online by Kaplan’s instructors. LSAT Channel gives students more information and practice on specific topics.

4. Support from Instructors

Kaplan students interact with instructors on a regular basis, regardless of whether or not they purchase a tutoring package. Although the most affordable (self-paced) course includes only email interaction, instructors will still respond to your questions within 24 hours. If you choose one of Kaplan’s live instructor driven courses, you’ll get several hours of one-on-one time each week.

kaplan higher score guarantee5. Higher Score Guarantee

Kaplan has a Higher Score Guarantee, which means if you aren’t satisfied with your test score, you have the option of taking the LSAT course again for free. Alternatively, if you have already taken the LSAT and your score does not improve after you take Kaplan’s course, you are eligible to get a full refund. (Note that this guarantee does not apply to their self-paced course, but only to the In Person and Live Online course options).


1. No Free Tour 

Kaplan does not offer a free tour of course materials, and students cannot explore the full course before they purchase it. However, free workshops and seminars, a sample class, and a free 4-hour practice test with an analysis are available. See the Free LSAT Resources tab on their website for more information.

2. Larger Class Size

Kaplan allows up to 30 students to register for one class, which is a higher student-teacher ratio than many of its competitors. However, most course packages include one-on-one instructor time, so students may find the larger class sizes to be acceptable.

3. Price

Although the self-paced option is reasonably priced at $799, it is also much more limited than the more expensive and comprehensive prep course options, which range from $1199 to more than $2599 if you choose to include tutoring.

Ideal User

Both traditional and online learners can benefit from Kaplan’s customizable LSAT prep options. The self-paced option will suit those self-motivated students who are looking for the flexibility of an online-program without classes to attend or homework assignments that are due on a particular day. The In Person and Live Online options are more structured and give students more one-on-one opportunities to interact with instructors and ask questions. Students who opt for the In Person version will also benefit from three in-class proctored exams to prepare them for the actual LSAT experience. Tutoring is available at an additional cost for those students who need extra help.

My Suggestion

Kaplan’s comprehensive LSAT prep course options are a solid choice for both traditional and online learners because students can customize their study plans according to their individual needs and budget. Students can attend classes or get the same individualized attention at home, depending on the course they choose. Although the in person and live online options are more expensive than prep courses offered by several competitors, plenty of perks, such as additional instruction via the LSAT Channel, performance analysis, and one-on-one time with instructors may make it worth the additional cost.


Summary of Course Features

  • In person or Live Online class sessions with experienced instructors
  • One-on-one time with instructors to ask questions and get help
  • On Demand online library
  • Hundreds of hours of live, interactive workshops through LSAT Channel
  • In-class practice LSATs, and access to more than 70 additional LSATs online with proctoring tools
  • Every released LSAT question (7,500+), includes QuizBank to create custom quizzes
  • Smart Reports customized feedback on practice exams and study suggestions
  • Additional tutoring as needed
  • Higher Score Guarantee


In Person
Price: starts at $1399
Includes traditional classroom instruction, 7 in-class sessions, 3 in-class proctored LSAT exams, access to all online study materials and course textbooks, LSAT Channel workshops, and Higher Score Guarantee.

In Person Plus
Price: starts at $1,799
Includes all features of In Person course plus three additional hours of one-on-one  instruction and coaching from instructors using online technology.

Live Online
Price: starts at $1199
Includes 7 4-hour live, interactive online instruction sessions run by instructors, 3 full-length proctored practice LSAT exams, access to all online study materials and course textbooks, LSAT Channel workshops, and Higher Score Guarantee.

Live Online Plus
Price: starts at $1599
Includes all features of Live Online course plus three additional hours of one-on-one  instruction and coaching from instructors delivered live online.

Self-Paced Course
Price: starts at $799
Includes 70 hours of recorded videos, 40 most popular LSAT Channel episodes, very released LSAT question and access to QuizBank, PrepTest library with detailed explanations, SmartReports software to analyze scores and track progress, mobile app, LSAT course textbooks, and access to instructors via email for questions.

Section-specific Self-Paced Courses
Price: $299 each
Choose from Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Includes more than 15 hours of recorded instructional videos for each section, guidebook, LSAT practice book with actual LSAT questions, and email support from instructors.

Tutoring, in person or live online
Price: $2,599 – $4799
depends on location and number of hours (price quoted for 15-35 hours)


Kaplan LSAT Prep Course Information

Kaplan LSAT Strengths
1. $300 Off Promo Code
2. Live Instructors and Classes
3. Personalized Study Plans and Analytics
4. Huge Content Library
5. Higher Score Guarantee
Kaplan LSAT Prep
Written by: Crush The LSAT
4 / 5 stars


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5 replies
    • Josh
      Josh says:


      That really depends on your schedule, learning style, and motivation. If you have a busy schedule but are motivated you might go with the self-paced so you can plan your studying around certain events. If you like the traditional classroom environment where you get to interact in real time then go with the live online. Good luck!

      -Team Crush The LSAT

  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    I took the $1200 self-paced PLUS course and I will say I would not recommend choosing Kaplan. Everyone is different, and what doesn’t work for one person might work for another,sure. And yes, there are different Kaplan courses, but, it just didn’t work for me. I studied at least a few hours a day for two months, and got the same exact score I got the first time. Why?

    More specifically, yes, Kaplan DOES have a ton of resources…every LSAT ever written, the answers, explanations to the answers, continuous live interactive classes on The LSAT Channel….but therein sorta was the problem….so many resources, and it was sorta up to you to teach yourself….not much individual tailoring to your specific needs…not enough anyway, though of course Kaplan would claim there are. So you may not know if your are improving or studying the right things the right way until its too late, because of how its set up. Just my opinion. But they did have a lot of resources.

    The only way of course to really tell if you are improving is by taking the full length timed tests. There are only 3 required in the course I took…a diagnostic, a midway, and a final. The diagnostic is done before you take any of the course to give a baseline. When I bombed the midway a month in, doing worse than my diagnostic, I was told people learn differently and its not abnormal for people to backslide since their brain is being re-wired during the course.

    When I took the final a few days before my actual test, I actually did barely get a score that was a few points higher than my first official LSAT score, and I would have been OK with it….but didn’t get it on the actual test, as it was only a few points higher than my original, and of course there’s some leeway.

    I really think again it was because there was little individual attention and styling to your personal needs in the course, even though they had a ton of resources. The ABILITY to do that was there in this course, to individualize, to tailor your learning…but its not really BUILT into the course to make you study the right way by way of completing the course. You sorta have to know what you don’t know and chose to study the right way. Its up to you. There are optional things in the course to do that, but its not part of the required core training.

    Maybe, maybe, knowing that, and having 6 months to utilize all their vast resources it would be an OK course for some. But I just thought it was way too open, too much stuff, and too much stuff I had to organize, rather than them laying out a plan for you. Given my experience, I would suggest other courses.

    • Erik
      Erik says:

      I just finished the Kaplan online course, and I second just about everything you said. Overall, definitely would not recommend Kaplan.

      • Janet
        Janet says:

        I too agree with this. I also did not find the instructor to be extremely helpful AT ALL. He gave conflicting answers and essentially was disinterested in me as a student. Very disappointed!


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