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Best LSAT Prep Course

The Crush the LSAT award for best LSAT review course of 2019 was awarded to LSATmax! This course has earned the #1 ranking for of all the following reasons:

  • Analytic feedback that calculates your overall performance to pinpoint areas that require more study time
  • Guarantee of a higher score or you get your money back
  • Mobile App with online access and tablet-LSAT mode
  • Whiteboard Lessons for those that want a classroom learning environment
  • 4,200+ practice questions

The medallion signifies that LSATmax has gone above and beyond to create a course that will help you pass the LSAT with a score you are proud of! With all that LSATmax has to offer, it’s no wonder it earned the #1 spot.


LSATMax is a great course for those who want a modern approach to the often outdated LSAT. With great mobile applications and higher score guarantees, what’s not to love about this LSAT review course. Analytic feedback offers a new dimension for students who need to know exactly where they stand with regard to the test.

There’s a lot of value built into this course and it’s relatively affordable compared to whats on the market for LSAT review courses. The Whiteboard Lessons are a great tool for those who are used to classroom learning, and it’s a great piece to a larger puzzle that is the LSATMax prep tool.


1. Mobile App with Online Access

lsatmax ipad courseThe LSATMax app is free to download in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store, and it comes with a ton of free content. You can watch whiteboard video lessons, do daily drills, or complete Logic Games from the comfort of your dorm room, a coffee shop, or even the beach. You’ll want to download content to your device in advance so you can watch lectures and complete practice questions when you don’t have internet access and so you don’t burn through your data.

One of the coolest new features LSATMax added to their Apple and Android mobile apps is the ability to practice the brand-new digital LSAT. Currently, they are the only LSAT prep course to provide this service!

You can also access all the course materials via LSATMax Online. There’s a free trial available but we recommend getting the LSATMax’s lifetime course. You’ll receive hardcopy binders of all the course materials like lessons, homework assignments, diagnostic exams, and additional Prep Tests. All lifetime courses also include LSATMax’s patented analog LSAT watch.

2. Price

Compared to some of its competitors, LSATMax’s courses are pretty affordable; there’s a nice range of packages to fit any budget. The app is free, with limited content, and you can customize your course based on how much practice you need. Lifetime access courses range from $749.99 for the Pro course to $949.99 for the Premium edition, while the Pro monthly subscription is $199/month.

LSATMax also offers zero percent financing, which allows you to get immediate access to any LSATMax lifetime course and split the purchase into budget friendly 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments. LSATMax also offers a LSAC Fee Waiver Scholarship for students who qualify.

3. Analytic Feedback

lsatmax courseThe app calculates your overall performance in each section to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. This allows students to customize their study plan and concentrate on problem areas. Practice questions can also be filtered by type so you can focus on those areas that need the most practice.

4. Higher Score Guarantee

Another great differentiator is the guarantee of a higher score. LSATMax offers a refund if you do not improve your LSAT score after completing the LSATMax course. Given the limited amount of time you can take the LSAT within a two year period, this makes spending your money on LSATMax much easier.

Ideal User

The flexibility of their course and affordable price make it ideal for students who want the content of a full prep course without having to attend on-site lectures and study sessions. Those who are diligent enough to work through the lessons, large number of homework questions, and previous LSAT’s and can pace themselves according to the customizable calendar will benefit most.

As the only course to offer instant and lifetime access, LSATMax is also great for students who are aiming for a score of 170 or higher. This way you can get started with the LSAT prep earlier and have access to the materials for as long as you need.


Summary of Course Features

  • Free app with limited content
  • Whiteboard video lessons covering every question type/concept that appears on the LSAT and video explanations for individual LSAT questions
  • 80 full-length actual LSATs from previous years (Prep Tests 1-80) – both in hardcopy and digital format in app
  • Recommended study calendar to keep you on track
  • Analytics built into app to track progress and identify sections that require further study
  • Daily drills and flashcards to instill key LSAT concepts
  • Instructor support by phone, email and in-app message boards
  • Dedicated in-app message board for each individual LSAT question
  • All content can be downloaded to device (limited to one phone and one tablet per person) as well as accessed online from any web browser
  • Access video lessons online or use Apple TV/Chromecast to watch them on your TV
  • Hardcopy materials with all lessons, homework assignments, diagnostic exams and Prep Tests
  • Countdown clock to day of the exam
  • LSAC-approved analog watch (digital watches are not permitted for the LSAT )
  • 12-week digital subscription to The Economist (Premium only)


LSATMax Premium (Lifetime Access)

Price: $949.99 or as low as $84/month
Includes: the Full Course, 80 Actual LSAT Prep Tests (Prep Tests 1-80), Hardcopy Materials, Lifetime Access and Support, Unlimited Message Board Access, Analog Watch, Analytics, 12-week Digital Subscription to The Economist, Higher Score Guarantee

LSATMax Pro (Lifetime Access)

Price: $749.99 or as low as $63/month
Includes: the Full Course, 16 Actual LSAT Prep Tests, Hardcopy Materials, Lifetime Access and Support, Unlimited Message Board Access, Analog Watch, Analytics, Higher Score Guarantee

LSATMax Pro Monthly Subscription

Price: $199/month
Includes: the Full Course, 16 Actual LSAT Prep Tests, Downloadable PDFs, Monthly Access and Support, Unlimited Message Board Access, Analytics


LSATMax Review Course Information

LSATMax Review
Course Features
1.Mobile App
3.Analytic Feedback
5.Customizable Calendar
6.Dedicated Message Board For Each Topic

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LSATMax Review
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