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Last Updated:February 20, 2018
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Velocity LSAT Prep was founded by Dave Hall, an engaging and experienced LSAT instructor who achieved a perfect score on the LSAT three times. Hall’s witty and irreverent approach to preparing for the LSAT makes this course entertaining and less daunting.

An impressive amount of free content on the Velocity website makes it easy to determine if this is the right course for you. Video explanations and lessons are short, to the point, and delivered with a lot of personality.

Priced at $599 for the full course, Velocity LSAT Prep takes advantage of online videos and textbook materials in addition to practice exams. Users can choose eBooks or hard copies of practice books. Online tools include free access to video explanations, a forum, and 30 practice tests that can be graded for you.


velocity low-price1. Price

At $599 for the complete online course, this is the lowest-priced option out there. Hall states on his website that he specifically priced the course so that it would be accessible to most students, not just to those with a lot of money. If you only choose to buy individual components of the course rather than the whole program, you will pay even less (see pricing below).

velocity mobile

2. Mobile Device Friendly

All of Velocity’s study material, including the eBooks and more than 150 hours of video, is available online. The videos are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and every common web browser. The High Definition videos are of professional quality, making it a pleasure to study from any device. The videos are also short and to the point, making for short study sessions that maximize information retention.

3. Free Study Materials

The video explanations and free account tools, including an option to track and record progress while you are studying for the LSAT, a free Forum to ask questions, and prep tips are a great way to explore if this course is right for you. If you like what you see, upgrade to the comprehensive course, because although the free videos explain why a specific answer is the right choice, only the full course gives you the tools to arrive at the correct answers yourself.

4. Engaging Presentation

Hall’s quirky sense of humor brings energy to the often boring and tedious process of spending hours studying for the LSAT. This course strives to improve your scores while also making the process relatively painless. If you are lucky enough to live in Southern California, you can check out the live classes in Riverside and Irvine, but if not, the online version also has many options to personalize your experience. Every week, Hall records video answers to all the homework questions he receives in his mailbox, and you can also ask for help by email, via the in house messaging system, or on the forum.

velocity course-syllabus5. Study Calendar

When you sign up for Velocity’s program, you are asked to enter your test date so that a custom study plan designed to fit all of the material into your schedule can be created. The syllabus calendar tells you exactly which pages to read and which questions to practice each day, based on how many days or weeks you have left before the exam.

6. Personalized Tutoring Available

Everyone needs a little extra help now and then. Velocity has you covered with online tutoring. The cost is $150/hour, with one free hour for every 10 purchased (or two free hours for every 10 hours when purchased in bulk).


1. Expires After 8 Months

Unfortunately, access to the course is limited to 8 months. After the course expires, you have several options to pay to extend the course, but you will incur additional charges up to the the full amount of the course.

Ideal User

Velocity’s online course will appeal to tech-savvy learners who are on a budget and want a program that delivers content in a user-friendly and entertaining way.

The textbook contains references to every video, so that you can read information and then watch the corresponding video for better comprehension. Students who are disciplined enough to follow the daily syllabus and prefer to learn by watching video lessons and have the material explained to them will benefit most from this course.

My Suggestion

Velocity LSAT Prep is a great option for online learners because their website has a wealth of free and paid materials to facilitate studying for the LSAT. Its founder’s unconventional approach to mastering the LSAT make it a popular choice, especially when you factor in the reasonable price.

High-quality, concise videos and whiteboard explanations, access to every LSAT prep test released since the year 2000, and step-by-step instructions for tackling every kind of question you will encounter on the exam make for a winning combination.

Best of all, once you have checked out all of the free content on their website and committed to the course, it is risk-free. If you watch all of the videos and do all of the assigned coursework but your score doesn’t improve, you are eligible for a full refund.


Summary of Course Features

  • 4 practice books (choose either digital or hard copies), including: Practice Exams, Logical Reasoning Textbook, Games manual, and Reading Comprehension book
  • 150+ Hours of Video lessons and explanations, including:
  • complete explanations for every single scored question from the Practice Exams book,
  • video lessons for each topic and question type in the Logical Reasoning section,
  • video lessons for every type of LSAT Game,
  • video lessons for every type of Reading Comprehension question and passage
  • access to and grading option for every LSAT released since 2000
  • Online LSAT Prep Forum for answers to specific LSAT questions and Law School applications in general
  • Total Homework Help with “Answer Central” feature, moderated by founder Dave Hall
  • Personalized syllabus calendars with daily instructions for reading and assignments until test day
  • Extensive online digital library with explanations


Velocity Online Full LSAT Prep Course
Price: $599

Logical Reasoning Membership Only
Price: $449

Games Membership Only
Price: $299

Reading Comprehension Membership Only
Price: $299

Money back guarantee: If you watch all the videos and complete all of the assignments but your score doesn’t improve, you receive a full refund.

Need-Based Aid, Upgrade Discounts, and a No Practice Exams discount are also available.


Velocity LSAT Course Information

Velocity LSAT Review Strengths
1. 10% Off Coupon Code
2. Engaging Presentations
3. Study Calendar
4. Mobile-Device Friendly
5. Great Overall Value



Velocity LSAT Review
Written by: Crush The LSAT
4 / 5 stars


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  1. Ricky
    Ricky says:

    Founder Dave Hall is a cool dude. If you can’t afford one of the top test prep review courses Velocity is a good option.


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