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FREE LSAT Practice Tests

Free LSAT Practice Exams brought to you by LSATMax! LSATMax is a great course for those who want a modern approach to study for and score high on the LSAT. With great mobile applications and higher score guarantees, what’s not to love about this LSAT review course. Their analytic feedback and reporting features offer a new […]

LSATMax Review

RATING: Anyone interested in becoming a lawyer knows how important the LSAT is. Your score on that test goes a long way towards deciding if your chosen law school will accept your admission. That’s why getting a good score is essential. Luckily, there’s a great way to ensure that you perform well. LSAT prep courses […]

Alpha Score LSAT Review

RATING: Alpha Score LSAT has been around since 2003 and has an excellent track record of helping students score high on the LSAT. Their straightforward HD video lectures teach students effective strategies for tackling notoriously tricky questions and logic games by using actual LSAT questions. Their self-paced, easily accessible online course is taught by experienced […]

Kaplan LSAT Prep Review

RATING: Kaplan LSAT Prep is one of this company’s most popular courses and offers students a variety of prep options. Kaplan is a powerhouse when it comes to standardized test preparation, specializing in prep courses for more than 90 different exams. In-person classes, live webcast lectures, and on-demand video with or without additional tutoring services […]

Princeton Review LSAT

RATING: The Princeton Review offers a range of LSAT classes to prepare students for the exam. Students can choose from in-person, live online or self-paced courses, depending on their own needs and preferences. Princeton Review specializes in getting students the personalized help they need. In-person and live online courses include access to instructors outside of class […]

Magoosh LSAT Review

RATING: The Magoosh LSAT review course is about as simple as it gets with regard to studying for the law school entrance exam. This prep option is great for students who want an affordable and customizable review platform through which they can prepare for the test. With video lessons, explanation-laden content, and a bank of […]

Velocity LSAT Review

RATING: Velocity LSAT Prep was founded by Dave Hall, an LSAT instructor who achieved a perfect score on the LSAT three times. Hall’s irreverent approach to preparing for the LSAT makes this course somewhat entertaining and less daunting. An impressive amount of free content on the Velocity website makes it easy to determine if this is […]

Manhattan Prep LSAT Review

RATING: Manhattan Prep LSAT is a flexible course that includes a choice of traditional in-person classes, online live LSAT classes, and on-demand online lessons that can be completed at your own pace. Study materials include hard copies of practice books and a full suite of online materials. Manhattan’s live classes follow a syllabus and are similar to […]

Blueprint LSAT Review [ 2024 Course, Classes & Test Prep]

RATING: BluePrint LSAT Prep course prepares law students for their exam in a different way than most other companies. These prep courses not only help you achieve your goal score, but also keeps you engaged throughout the lessons and practice questions. On average Blueprint LSAT Students see a staggering 15+ point score increase. If you are […]

TestMasters LSAT Review

RATING: TestMasters LSAT Prep course was designed by Robin Singh, who scored in the 99th percentile on a record number of 25 official LSAT administrations. As an undergraduate, Singh realized that the LSAT is a skills-based test. You can learn to use his strategies in the live course, which is offered at more than 100 […]

PowerScore LSAT Review

RATING: PowerScore is best known for their popular Logic Games Bible. The PowerScore prep course includes six different course options, including live in-person, and live online webcasts.When it comes to online prep courses, PowerScore varies from the norm in both their on-demand and live content by offering screencasts of computer lessons with instructors linked via audio. […]

7Sage LSAT Review

RATING: Developed by two Harvard graduates, 7Sage offers an affordable LSAT prep course that is notable for its huge library of on-demand learning material, straightforward style of instruction, and low subscription price. One of best options available for students on a budget, 3-month subscriptions start at just $179 and include video explanations for 10 full […]

Lawyer Salary: Top 10 Law Careers & Highest Paid Lawyers

The field of law is as broad as it is diverse – as are the related earnings. As one might expect, lawyers working in state government earn significantly less money than their counterparts in the private sector. According to PayScale.com’s data for , the median annual salary of lawyers in the United States is $87,012. […]

Crush The LSAT Scholarship Program

With such an important test, we felt that giving one student a chance to save money would be a big help. Entering law school is an expensive proposition, so why not accept a little assistance on the front end—you’ll need it when the loans come due.

LSAT Information

Preparing to take the LSAT is a complex process. It requires a lot of planning, work, and endurance. You will need to study hard and find ways to deal with the pressure while you keep an eye on registration deadlines and pay your fees. We’ve compiled some useful information about the process to help you get […]

LSAT Sections

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test that is designed to measure abilities and skills that are considered key for success in law school. So what exactly is on the LSAT? [sc name=”top-lsat-courses”] Test Format The LSAT consists of multiple-choice questions divided into five 35 minute sections (only four sections count towards […]


The LSAT is not designed to measure academic knowledge, but a college background remains useful because certain skills and academic majors hone reading and reasoning skills, both of which are absolutely crucial for success on the LSAT. Students taking the LSAT should take their time preparing for the test. Law schools weight the LSAT very […]

Top Law Schools in the US

Choosing a law school is one of the most important decisions of your legal career. The school you attend will determine the kind of education you get, but more importantly, it will affect your job opportunities and career options after you pass the Bar exam. Although there are many excellent law schools in the United […]

LSAT Study Planner & Schedule (1, 3, 6, & 12 Month Study Plans)

If your GPA wasn’t quite as high as you would have liked or you are trying to stand out against thousands of other law school applicants, the LSAT can be a key differentiator. While plenty of people who don’t perform well on the LSAT go on to master law school and some who have great […]